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Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center is Seeing Camelids!

Loomis Basin Equine Medical Center is seeing alpaca and llama patients in our practice. While we are primarily an equine practice, several of our doctors see camelid patients as well. We enjoy working with alpacas and llamas and are always willing to learn more about them. Dr. Jill Higgins, Dr. Langdon Fielding, and Dr. Dominic Dawson will
see routine in-house appointments,and will also see the more critically ill hospitalized patients. Our surgeon, Dr. Jason Errico, will also offer surgical services for our camelid patients. We are excited to be offering this service, as there is a great demand in our area for veterinarians that will work on camelids. Please call and schedule an appointment with us today! See examples of fees for commom services from the Camelid pricing article under the Health button on this website.

Camelid Pricing

Travel Fees

Area 1 – Loomis Basin $52
Area 2 – Lincoln, Ophir, Auburn, Roseville $60
Area 3 – Christian Valley, Meadow Vista $66
Area 4 – North Highlands, Fair Oaks, Pleasant Grove, Sheridan, Applegate, Cool $74
Area 5 – Weimer, Rio Linda, Carmichael $81
Area 6 – Pilot Hill, Rescue, Elverta $89
Area 6a – Marysville, Yuba City, Live Oak ($60 Tuesdays) $89-$110
Area 7 – Greenwood, Colfax, Upper Salmon Falls Rd. $99
Area 8 – Foresthill $108
Area 9 – Garden Valley, Georgetown, Grass Valley $117

Vaccinations: (recommended vaccines listed)

CD/T $15
West Nile Virus (Ft Dodge) $30
Rabies $20


Ivermectin (injectable) $15
Corid $12

Teeth: (prices do not include sedation; sedation only used if necessary)

Incisor reduction $40
Fighting teeth $50

Foot Trim: $35

Castration: $190 (includes anesthesia)

Routine Examination Fee: $68

Fecal: (Modified Stolls – sent to UC Davis Parasitology) $74

Fecal Float: (in-house) $32